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What Makes Women More Susceptible to Eye Diseases

There are many factors at play that can make women more susceptible to eye diseases than men are. Many women are not aware of their increased likelihood of experiencing vision problems, which often means they aren’t seeking adequate preventative care. Factors that Make Women More Susceptible to Eye Diseases There are a variety of reasons why women are more likely

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Effects of Wearing Expired Contact Lenses in Michigan

Are You Wearing Expired Contact Lenses? If you are one of the approximately 37 million Americans who wear contact lenses, you may wonder what happens if your contacts get old. Perhaps you are using contacts you got several years ago. Or you are trying to save money by wearing your two-week lenses over a more extended period. It may seem

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Fish Oil: A Promising Eye Health Ally

Sight is a very precious gift and most people will go to the ends of the Earth and will try every gimmick to maintain or improve their vision. There are countless devices and “medicines” designed with the intent of supporting eye health. The preponderance of those treatments is pure hokum and have absolutely no merit. But one specific treatment might

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Astigmatism: Myth vs. Fact

Astigmatism affects at least one-third of the population in the United States. Astigmatism is an irregular curvature of the cornea or lens. This irregularity is found most often in the cornea and causes light to refract improperly. As a result, blurry vision, eye strain, headaches, and general eye discomfort may result. Most people have such a mild case that there

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Foods that are Healthy for the Eyes: Good Choices Could Mean Better Vision

When we choose to eat healthy, we do so with the hopes of keeping our bodies healthy and in shape. But do we ever think about dining for our eyesight? Probably not, but fear not – incorporating foods that are healthy for the eyes into our diet can’t get any easier than this. (And yes, that includes carrots!) Leafy greens,

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How Sleep Affects Eye Health: What You Need to Know

Sleep is an important time for your body to restore itself. Damaged cells are repaired, and toxins are cleared away. After missing out on sleep, your eyes are probably red and may feel gritty and sore. It doesn’t feel good, and it doesn’t help you look your best. So how does lack of sleep affect eye health? Dry eyes. A

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6 Tips on How to Keep Your Eyes Healthy in 2018

Having healthy eyes is the sort of thing you can easily take for granted. But once eye problems begin, they can really complicate your life. Fortunately, you can do a lot to keep your eyes at their best by following a few simple tips.   How to Keep your Eyes Healthy Wear protective sunglasses. You want a pair that blocks

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Cosmetics and Eyecare

Many times, we treat patients who are having eye problems that are directly related to improper or careless makeup use. Did you know that certain cosmetic products can trigger allergic reactions which can put you at risk for an infection? Here are some beauty processes that can hurt your eyes in the short or long term. Eyeliner – Because this

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