Your Appointment

What to Expect from Your Appointment at MEI

How You Can Prepare

Michigan Eye Institute will be ready to give you the best eye care treatment possible when you come in for your consultation with the following items:

  • Medication(s) dosage and frequency
  • Corrective lenses and current prescription
  • Picture ID and all insurance cards
  • Referral form from your primary eye care physician*

*If required by your insurance provider

When you arrive at any of our innovative facilities, our friendly staff will be ready to update your medical/vision history and insurance (as needed). On average, an appointment takes 90 minutes, but can take an additional 30 should further testing be advised by our expert physicians.

Please note: for routine eye exams: your eyes will be dilated, so have a family member or friend drive you home.

Patient and receptionist at front desk
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Michigan Eye Institute welcomes all new patients!

To reduce your in-office wait time, we recommend that you complete our “New Patient Form” before coming in. Your completed form can be sent to our Flint, MI main office through the mail, fax, or email:

Mail: 4499 Town Center Pkwy, Flint, MI 48532

If you’re transferring from another eye doctor, please send them our “Medical Release Form” so we may obtain your medical and vision records before your first visit.

We look forward to providing you with our extensive, high-quality eye care services.