Oculoplastic Surgeons in Michigan

What is Oculoplastic Surgery?

The shape of your eye isn’t the only thing that affects your level of vision. Whether it’s due to genetics or the aging process, your facial features can play a role in your visual acuity.

That’s why the certified professionals at Michigan Eye Institute are ready to offer you oculoplasty: reconstructive eye surgery that aims to improve the health of your vision and facial tissues, particularly around your eyes.

Our medical microplastic surgery will restore your eyesight and facial condition(s) in a way that is covered by the majority of insurance providers.


Come in and see us for oculoplastic surgery or any of your eye-related needs. Let us resolve your vision issues with a plan customized to fit your needs.

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What can Reconstructive Eye Surgery Correct?

Oculoplastic surgery can correct:

Excess Eyelid Skin
Droopy Eyelids
Sagging Eye Bags
“Rolled” Eyelids
Acute Light Sensitivity
Eye Infection Proclivity
Eye Irritation Proclivity
Corneal Scratches or Ulcers Proclivity
Eyelid Bumps/Lumps
Some Forms of Skin Cancer
Tearing Disorders

With a medically necessary touch-up from our skilled oculoplastic surgeons, you can diminish or eradicate these symptoms to live life without restrictions from decreased vision.

MEI Eyelid Plastic Surgery

Your facial features should help, not hinder, you from seeing! You can put the care of your eyes and face in the hands of an experienced Michigan Eye Institute specialist through several different types of oculoplastic procedures.


We can remove excess fat and skin above or below your eyes by blepharoplasty. If untreated, these sagging eyelids or eye bags could increasingly fatigue your eye muscles and interfere with your vision.

Any micro incisions can be made in your eye crease or even just inside your lower eyelid for virtually no visible scarring.

Ectropion and Entropion Plastic Surgery

MEI can restore your eyelid to its original shape once it has begun turning outward or inward, which is usually caused by weakened eyelid muscles from aging. Without the proper care of an MEI surgeon, your eyes could suffer from:

  • Chronic Tearing
  • Eye Dryness/Redness/Pain
  • Mucus Grittiness/Crusting
  • Acute Light Sensitivity
  • Corneal Abrasions and Ulcers

Eyelid Growth Removal

Have you noticed any strange new lumps or bumps on or around your eyelids?

Let our knowledgeable physicians complete their biopsy and removal so that you can have peace of mind again. With your eyelid hosting some of the thinnest and most sensitive skin on your body, you’ll come into our facilities glad you have the best eye care team on the case.

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