Eye Glass Fitting & Contacts in Michigan

Optical Lens Solutions

When you think eyeglasses, think Michigan Eye Institute!

Michigan Eye Institute optometrists are experts in fitting you with glasses, contacts, and other optical lens solutions to ensure that you get the most out of your eyesight and life.

With 100 years of combined experience, our optical team has the knowledge, skills, and product selection expertise necessary to find the perfect pair of glasses for you. Our staff will work to find the corrective lens solution that best fits your needs, lifestyle, and facial features.

If you’re experiencing issues with your vision, visit any one of our five convenient Michigan locations to speak with a knowledgeable staff member about our diverse offerings so that you can optimize your visual health.

Visit One of Our Eye Clinics

Don’t squint your eyes through poorly-matched eyeglasses or contacts any longer. Contact the friendly customer service team at Michigan Eye Institute so you can begin the process of fitting yourself with optical lenses that better your vision and suit your sense of style.

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How To Know If You Need Prescription Glasses Or Contacts

Are you wondering whether you should see us for corrective lenses? Book an eye care appointment if you are suffering from any of the following eye problems:

Decreased Night Vision
Decreased Light Transition Adaptability
Light “Halos”
Chronic Blurry Vision
Habitual Squinting
Double Or Wavy Vision
Women with irritated eyes

Michigan Eye Institute Optical Lens

Michigan Eye Institute offers a wide variety of lens options to meet all your needs. Not only do we house beautiful designer opticals, but we’re equipped with all the best brand-name, insurance-approved frames you love!

Prescription Lens

To get the most from your prescription, you’ll need to get a lens material suited to your lifestyle.

Advanced, durable lens options

  • Trivex®
  • Progressive (no line) Bifocal Lenses
  • Anti-Reflective Treatment
  • Polycarbonate
  • Transitions®


Maintain good eye health with 100% UV protection from Michigan Eye Institute sunglasses.

Year-Round Sunglasses Offered

  • Carrera®
  • Maui Jim®
  • Oakley®
  • Ray Ban®
  • Krewe®

Designer Glasses Frames

Sure, prescription glasses are meant to make you see better—but that doesn’t mean they can’t help you feel better too! Choose from an extensive collection of designer frames to match your look best.

Designer Brands

  • Bebe®
  • Christian LaCroix®
  • Gucci®
  • Cazal®
  • Helium®
  • Lightec®
  • Silhouette®
  • Kate Spade®
  • Vera Bradley®
  • Dickies®
  • Versace®
  • Tom Ford®
  • And many more!

Safety Eyewear

To our patients who serve as industrial, construction, HVAC, and related workers: we offer approved ANSI Z87.1-2003 safety eyewear manufactured to fit your prescription and frame style.


Enhance the longevity, convenience, and practicality of your Michigan Eye Institute optical lens with the help of any Michigan Eye Institute high-quality accessories.

MEI Accessories

  • Ready-Made Readers
  • Lens Cleaner
  • Cleaning Cloths
  • Eyeglass Cases
  • De Fog Sprays and Wipes

Why Michigan Eye Institute Optical?

In-House Lab

We’ve partnered with various medical institutions to make state-of-the-art technology and high-quality medical materials accessible for you during office visits.

Our optimized optical patient experience is powered by our staff, who are nothing short of:

  • Friendly
  • Knowledgeable
  • Helpful
  • Reliable
  • Efficient
Eye glasses stand
patient for dropless cataract surgery

Michigan Eye Institute Happiness Guarantee

We’re not happy until you are.

At Michigan Eye Institute, we extend multiple guarantees and services to reinforce our commitment to an unprecedented patient experience.

30-Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

If you don’t love your new glasses you can exchange or return them within 30 days for a full money-back guarantee.

  • Excluding insurance orders
  • 1-year breakage protection is a warranty for purchase

1-Year Breakage Protection

We guarantee our high-quality frames and lenses for one year against normal wear and tear!*

Unlimited Free Cleanings and Adjustments

No matter how long you own your glasses: we will make adjustments and minor repairs at no charge.

*Subject to a $25 deductible after 90 days. This protection does not cover loss, theft, or industrial safety eyewear.

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