Many times, we treat patients who are having eye problems that are directly related to improper or careless makeup use. Did you know that certain cosmetic products can trigger allergic reactions which can put you at risk for an infection? Here are some beauty processes that can hurt your eyes in the short or long term.

  1. Eyeliner – Because this is a product that is used so closely to the eye, sometimes even on the waterline that touches the naked eye, it is important to keep the pencil as clean as possible. Don’t use anyone else’s pencils, as this is the fastest way to spread infection, and be sure to regularly re-sharpen or clean off the tip so that the liner is fresh. Studies have shown that eyeliners cause the most infection and eye irritation out of all the makeup products.


  1. Mascara – The rough, bristly brush has the tendency to scratch the eye easily, resulting in cornea injuries and bacteria infections from the product itself. Our tip is to find mascara with a very low wax content. Many mascara products now come fragrance-free, paraben-free, and contain nourishing vitamin E contained in softer bristles.


  1. False eyelashes – The most common issue with false eyelashes is having an allergic reaction to the glue. Even if no allergic reaction occurs, though, the base of these lashes are a breeding ground for bacteria that can spread into and around the eye. The best remedy for keeping up with false lashes is to never sleep in them or, in the case of eyelash extensions, carefully clean them before bed every night.


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