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How Blue Light Affects Your Eyes: Is It as Bad as They Say?

“Don’t sit so close to the TV. You’ll go blind.” How much truth is there to that? We went from believing the statement when we were children, to deciding it’s complete nonsense, to going back to the possibility that it makes sense …. sort of. A television screen, computer screen, or phone most likely won’t “make you go blind,” but

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How to Choose the Best Drops for Your Dry Eyes

Dry Eye Causes Dry eyes are the result of a lack of adequate tears or excessive evaporation of tears. Your tears are made up of water, fatty oils, and mucus that keep the surface of the eye moist and clear and help prevent painful eyes and eye infections. Dry eyes can be caused by a number of factors, including: Aging.

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How Sleep Affects Eye Health: What You Need to Know

Sleep is an important time for your body to restore itself. Damaged cells are repaired, and toxins are cleared away. After missing out on sleep, your eyes are probably red and may feel gritty and sore. It doesn’t feel good, and it doesn’t help you look your best. So how does lack of sleep affect eye health? Dry eyes. A

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