Break Free From Contacts and Glasses With LASIK

While great for improving your visual acuity, sometimes wearing glasses or contact lenses can restrict you from engaging in certain activities. Additionally, it can be inconvenient to wear them every day and bring backups everywhere you go.

What if you could enhance your eyesight and reduce your corrective lens dependency? If this sounds like something that interests you, LASIK eye surgery might be your best-suited vision treatment option.

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Conditions LASIK Eye Surgery Treats in Michigan

Laser vision correction can be used to alleviate many eyesight problems related to:

How Effective is LASIK Eye Surgery in Michigan?

LASIK eye surgery can significantly reduce the need for glasses and contacts and, in some cases, eliminate the dependence entirely.

LASIK Eye Surgery

When it comes to something as important as your eyes and quality of life, you’ll want nothing less than a high-quality LASIK treatment plan led by the experts at Michigan Eye Institute.

Complimentary LASIK Consultation

What to Expect

You’ll meet with one of our knowledgeable team members beforehand for a complimentary consultation so you can get to know your physician and our cutting-edge facilities.

After a thorough eye examination, your Michigan Eye Institute doctor will let you know if LASIK is a viable option for you. If you are deemed a good candidate, we will provide you with all of the information needed to help you make an informed decision.

LASIK Procedure

Our skilled eye surgeons make LASIK treatment fast and simple. The procedure itself takes less than a minute for each eye. Improved eyesight right away or within the first 24 hours is not uncommon.

Postoperative LASIK Eye Surgery

Plan to relax for the remainder of the day following your LASIK procedure. LASIK treatment at Michigan Eye Institute will help you live your life without the restriction or inconvenience of poor vision and corrective lenses.


You have nothing to lose and better vision to gain when you book a complimentary LASIK consultation with Michigan Eye Institute. Together, we can create your personalized eye care solution.