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LASIK for farsightedness LASIK For Farsightedness

More than three million people a year are diagnosed with Hyperopia, or farsightedness,  in the United States. If you are one of them, you’re not alone. This common vision condition is easy to treat with eyeglasses or contacts—but sometimes those don’t fit into your lifestyle. In that case, LASIK for farsightedness might be right for you. At Michigan Eye Institute, our team of expertly trained physicians can help you decide the best treatment plan for you and your vision. 


Schedule a complimentary LASIK consultation to begin your clearer vision journey today. 

What Is Hyperopia?

Hyperopia, or farsightedness,  is a vision condition that causes objects close to you to appear blurry.  For those with farsightedness, the light that enters the eye focuses behind the retina instead of on the retina itself. 

Common symptoms of farsightedness:

  • Objects close to you are blurry
  • Headaches
  • Eye strains
  • Or fatigue after doing tasks like reading, using a mobile phone, or computer

If you’re experiencing these symptoms, there’s no need to struggle. Schedule a routine eye exam with our expertly-trained optometrists. We’ll work with you to determine what treatment option is best for you.

lasik for farsightedness How Can LASIK Correct Farsightedness?

Our doctors are highly skilled and strive to correct your farsightedness and eliminate your reliance on glasses or contacts. Our cutting-edge computer-controlled laser technology removes tissue from the cornea to make it steeper. This makes light focus correctly on the retina.

LASIK for farsightedness What Does a LASIK Procedure Entail?

At Michigan Eye Institute, we strive to help you achieve results that are best for you. We start with a complimentary LASIK consultation where we thoroughly evaluate your eyes. We’ll walk you through your results and go over your treatment options to find the one best suited to you. 

The LASIK procedure itself is quick—less than a minute per eye. Some individuals experience improved eyesight within the first 24 hours post-procedure. You can trust our skilled doctors to make the process simple so you can return to your daily activities quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that there are many things to consider when contemplating LASIK for your farsightedness. At Michigan Eye Institute, we are here to help alleviate any concerns or questions you may have regarding the procedure. 

Am I a Candidate for LASIK?

We will discover that together in a complimentary LASIK consultation with our team of respected eye doctors. Schedule your free consultation today to get in front of our specialists right away. 

What Does Recovery Look Like?

It’s normal to experience some mild discomfort in the first few hours after the procedure. Resting as much as possible post-procedure is recommended. Typically, patients are getting back to their normal activities 24 hours following the procedure.

How Much Does LASIK Cost?

Improving your vision should always be your number one priority—not the cost. To help put your mind at ease, we offer a variety of financing plans so you can find one that’s right for you.

Start Your Journey With Michigan Eye Institute

When you’re ready to start your journey to a clearer vision, we are here for you. The expert staff at Michigan Eye Institute will guide you through the process every step of the way. Contact us today at 810-484-0550 to schedule your free LASIK for farsightedness consultation.