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Overview of Dropless Cataract Surgery

Dropless cataract surgery is an alternative to traditional cataract surgery that makes for an easier recovery. After traditional cataract surgery, eye drops are prescribed to prevent infection and reduce inflammation in the eye. They must be administered several times per day at certain times, and they can add additional costs to the overall cost of the procedure. 

With dropless eye surgery, your eye doctor will administer the antibiotics and anti-inflammatories during the procedure for a more relaxing postoperative period.

Dropless Cataract Surgery Procedure

During dropless eye surgery, the cataract is removed, and your eye’s natural lens is replaced with an intraocular lens (IOL). After this is done, your surgeon will inject a combination of antibiotic and anti-inflammatory medication into the vitreous. This injected medication works throughout the recovery period and eliminates the need for eye drops.

Am I a Candidate for Dropless Cataract Surgery?

Most patients who are candidates for traditional cataract surgery are candidates for dropless cataract surgery. Patients who have certain medical conditions may need to use eye drops once a day, even with the dropless method. To determine if dropless eye surgery is right for you, schedule a consultation with one of our experienced eye surgeons.

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Benefits of Dropless Cataract Surgery

Dropless cataract surgery:

  • Eliminates the need for eye drops for the majority of patients
  • Has a low risk of infection and retinal swelling
  • Makes your postoperative routine and recovery simpler
  • Saves you between $150 and $300 on prescription eye drops

There is typically no extra out-of-pocket cost for dropless eye surgery when compared to traditional cataract surgery.

All of these benefits contribute to positive outcomes and results after surgery. It can be difficult to remember to apply eye drops at specific times after traditional cataract surgery, and failure to take eye drops as directed can lead to complications. With dropless eye surgery, you don’t have to worry about complicated eye drop instructions after your procedure.

What are the Outcomes of Dropless Cataract Surgery?

Most patients respond extremely well to dropless eye surgery, and most do not need to use eye drops after surgery. If you develop higher-than-average inflammation after your procedure, you may need a prescription for anti-inflammatory eye drops.  

dropless cataract surgery patient Dropless Cataract Surgery at Michigan Eye Institute

If you are considering getting dropless eye surgery, you should schedule an appointment with one of our experienced eye surgeons to see if the procedure is right for you. We use cutting-edge technology for the best results and recovery after all our surgical procedures. 

Make clearer vision a reality. Contact us online or call us at 810-484-0550 for more information, or schedule your appointment today.


Concerned about how dropless eye surgery works? The eye experts at Michigan Eye Institute can help you maintain your lifestyle and sustain your vision. Come see how we can improve your life.