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At Michigan Eye Institute, we pride ourselves on providing patient-centered optical solutions. Located at 16255 Silver Parkway, our facility calls the small, tight-knit community of Fenton, MI our home. We support Fenton with expert-led, accessible eye care services.

Our beautiful glass and brick building is across the street from Lockwood of Fenton on Silver Parkway. Our parking lot is just to the right of LaFontaine Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Fenton Service Center. Further down the street, towards Owen Road, lies the Silver Pointe Shopping Center on the same side of the parkway as us. The same can be said for Home Depot, but in the opposite direction towards Silver Lake Road. If you’re seeing any of these neighboring businesses—you’re in the right place!

Looking For Eye Care in Fenton?

To book an appointment with one of our eye doctors in Fenton, MI, you can schedule your next eye exam online or by calling (810) 629-7900. Once you pass our burgundy “Michigan Eye Institute” sign and park in our lot, our helpful administrative staff, skilled ophthalmologists, and expert optometrists are ready to guide you through our incredible patient experience.

MEI Eye Care Services in Fenton & the Greater Detroit Area

MEI resources are unmatched. We’ll be sure to create a vision solution catered to your specific eye needs.

Comprehensive Eye Exam

Schedule a yearly general eye exam with any one of our MEI optometrists so you can enjoy maximum visual clarity and optical health. You can even undergo Optomap testing to check for retina disease. Following your thorough exam, you’ll have a wide range of insurance-approved specs and brand names, and designer frames to choose from.

Premium Cataract Treatment

A clouding of the eye lens, or cataracts, can affect as many as half of the population over the age of 60. Our eye doctors in Fenton, MI have both the skills and tools needed to repair your eyesight through a dropless procedure and many artificial lens options. Your personalized surgical plan would be selected based on your specific goals.

Glaucoma Treatment

Did you know glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness in the U.S.? Damage to your retina or optic nerve brought on by fluid build-up can be alleviated through procedural drainage or medication, depending on the level of severity.

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LASIK Operation

LASIK Surgery

Say goodbye to your corrective lens dependence with LASIK. The first step is simple: come in for a complimentary consultation to discuss which options you’re best suited for. With our advanced LASIK technology, you’ll experience a quicker procedure, an easy recovery process, and spectacular results!

Oculoplastic Surgery

MEI oculoplastic surgeons are board-certified and ready to revise your vision-impairing eyelid(s) or surrounding facial features. Not only could a medical microplastic procedure improve your vision and supporting features, but it’s also eligible for coverage by healthcare insurance standards.

Retina Treatment

Your retina tissue plays a huge part in your ability to see: it uses the light that enters your eyes to signal the optic nerve for image processing. That’s why we present our clients in Fenton with the opportunity to test their eyes for retinopathy or macular generation during a preventive examination.

Let’s See What Our Patients Have To Say

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Patti DavisPatti Davis
17:30 14 Mar 23
Had my first appointment with Dr. Diskin today and was very impressed. He was thorough, friendly and explained everything very well.
Danielle SchlosserDanielle Schlosser
03:19 14 Jan 23
Best experience at a physicians office to date, hands down.Went in because I thought I had scratched my eye. Dealing with the discomfort and pain for almost 7 full days, I was able to get in to see someone within less than 24 hours of making the appointment. The doctor checked my eye with dye to see if there were any scratches, that of which there were not. He flipped my eyelid to find that there was something very small that had attached itself to the inside of my eyelid. He very quickly and painlessly removed it with a q-tip and I walked out of there right as rain! Best it’s felt in almost a week, and I couldn’t be more relieved and thankful!!!Doc was very nice, easy to talk to, informative and had a very welcoming personality. Honestly grateful for my eye experience bringing me to this wonderful office!
Chris CraigChris Craig
02:54 20 Oct 22
Been a long time customer and have recommended many to Michigan Eye, but my appointment today had a very sterile fill. I think they did a good job, but it did not feel good. Curious to see my bill, they questioned me a ton on insurance before treatment, but provided zero details on costs and treatments. Tried to sell service with zero explanation. Felt like the first time I was ever there. Eyestaff was good and fixed my glasses.
Tay MarieTay Marie
17:30 05 Aug 22
I had an amazing experience! My doctor was very thorough, very nice, helped me feel that I was being heard as a patient-which I’m not used to feeling. The entire staff was AMAZING! My family and I are thinking of switching to them for care instead of our previous eye care place due to how happy I was with my experience. Their office was clean! I could smell it was clean! As a pregnant woman I felt very safe, the amount of cleaning was shocking in a good way(most places are NOT this clean) and happy with the service I received from everybody! 10/10 for everything!!
Loretta BlaskoLoretta Blasko
21:12 20 Jul 22
I enjoyed my visit to Michigan Eye Institute. Dr Ann Kautz answered all my questions and put me at ease. Even though I can see fairly well after having cataract and laser surgery, I opted to get glasses for distance when I am driving. Steve in optometry was very helpful in selecting frames based on what I said I liked. In no time I had the frames picked out and all the measurements and decisions made. Overall a great experience.

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Fenton Eye Clinic Location Details

Fenton High School Directions

Your local MEI optometrists are just 7 minutes away from your teen’s high school in Fenton!


To get to your child’s appointment, start from Fenton High School and head down Donaldson Drive for 0.4 miles until you can turn right onto Owen Road. Continue down Owen Road for 0.3 miles and then you’ll need to turn left on South Fenway Drive. From there, drive 0.9 miles until you hit West Silver Lake Road. After driving down it for 0.5 miles, you can use either 1 of the 2 left-turn lanes to get onto Silver Parkway, where you will drive for another 0.6 miles to get to our MEI building. You’ll both be completely satisfied with our premium and convenient eye care services!

Spring Meadows Country Club Directions

If you know where Spring Meadows Country Club is in neighboring Linden, MI, then you’ll have no problem finding MEI for your easy eye check-up! Head out of Spring Meadows Country Club to be able to turn right onto Ripley Road. Continue on Ripley Road for 1.2 miles until you need to make a left onto West Silver Lake Road. At this turn, you should see Prices Airport in your rearview following your turn at the least! Head down West Silver Lake Road for almost 2 miles. Finally, turn right on Silver Parkway and you’ll know you’ve made it when you see our burgundy “Michigan Eye Institute” sign signaling you into our lot. Now get ready for improved vision with the right corrective lenses!

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Michigan Eye Institute

6255 Silver Parkway
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Doctors at our Fenton Eye Clinic

Dr. Jeffrey


Comprehensive Eye Care, Dry Eye, Cataracts

Dr. Aubin


Laser Vision Correction

Dr. kautz


Comprehensive Eye Care, Optometry, Keratoconus

Dr. Thomas Colvin


Comprehensive Eye Care, Optometry, Dry Eye