Comprehensive Eye Care

The MEI Difference

The physicians at Michigan Eye Institute have helped thousands of patients enjoy a better quality of life from their enhanced vision.

Our highly-regarded doctors and leading-edge technology will ensure that you receive the optimal visual outcome. Schedule your consultation today with the best-in-class eye care provider.


Consult the eye experts at Michigan Eye Institute by scheduling a comprehensive eye care exam. Let us handle all of your vision needs so that you can continue to live your best life.

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Signs You May Need Corrective Lenses

Unsure if you need glasses or contacts?

Come meet our knowledgeable team of physicians if you are experiencing:

Decreased Night Vision
Decreased Light Transition Adaptability
Light “Halos”
Chronic Blurry Vision
Habitual Squinting
Chronic Headaches
Double Or Wavy Vision

Even if you are not experiencing any of the above symptoms, it is important to get an annual eye exam for preventative maintenance. Schedule your appointment at MEI to get on the right path to improving your current vision.

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MEI Comprehensive Eye Care

Michigan Eye Institute can examine your eyes utilizing our advanced technology so that you receive the most accurate eye care catered to your prescription needs.

General Eye Exam

To keep you and your family’s vision sharp and eyes healthy, we recommend booking us for a yearly comprehensive eye care exam. This regularity can help you better maintain your vision and reduce the chances of it worsening due to eye disease onset.


MEI’s extensive resources include the opportunity to add the Optomap check onto your next general eye exam.

The Optomap takes a picture of your eye in high-resolution for our physicians to evaluate the health of your retina. Just ask us about this great way to keep track of your yearly eye changes and spot early warning signs of eye disease.

Corrective Lenses

If you need corrective lenses, our experienced eye physicians will fit you with your choice of prescription glasses or contacts. All five of our office locations include a vast variety of designer optical options. We’ll also keep an exhaustive record of your prescription updates to track the progression of your visual acuity during future visits.

When you think eyes, think Michigan Eye!

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