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Michigan Eye Institute is committed to providing individualized, patient-first eye care services. Our expert eye surgeons in Rochester have over 30 years of eye care experience, and our team is ready to serve you. Book an appointment at our Rochester clinic, located at 432 West University Drive.

Our clinic is housed in a dark brick building with a blue roof in a residential area. We face the Rochester Community School District center across West University Drive. We’re also in front of the Rochester Municipal Park Tennis Courts on 6th Street, which are right next to the Rochester Police Station.

Eye Care Services in Rochester

With leading-edge technology and highly experienced, physicians, optometrists, and eye doctors in Rochester, MI, the team at Michigan Eye Institute can help you achieve your best visual outcome. When you think eyes, think Michigan Eye!

Comprehensive Eye Care

Maintain your clearest vision and optimal eye health by coming in for your annual general eye exam. You can opt for an Optomap check during this exam to look out for early signs of eye disease. After your exam, you can find corrective lenses that suit you right at MEI.

Cataract Treatment

One in every two people over the age of 60 has cataracts, where the lens of your eye becomes cloudy. The experienced eye surgeons at MEI provide customizable procedures with several artificial lens (IOL) options for the sharpest vision possible.

Laser Assisted

Laser-assisted cataract surgery uses laser technology to increase precision and accuracy and minimize risks during the procedure.


Dropless cataract surgery is an alternative to traditional cataract surgery that offers an easy recovery—you don’t have to worry about administering eye drops after this procedure.

LASIK Eye Surgery

If you’re tired of relying on glasses and contacts, LASIK may be a great choice for you. MEI offers modern procedures with quick recovery times. Schedule a free consultation with our ophthalmologists in Rochester to see if LASIK is right for you.

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Rochester eye center

Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness among Americans. This disease causes fluid buildup and pressure in the eye that eventually damages your retina and optic nerve. Our glaucoma specialists can monitor and treat this condition with medication as well as drainage treatment.

Retinal Treatment

Your retina is a tissue layer in the back of your eye that receives incoming light, converts it into a neural signal, and transmits it to the optic nerve for visual processing. To keep this part of your eye healthy, we can perform a proactive retinal screening during your next eye exam to rule out issues like retinopathy or macular degeneration.

Oculoplastic Surgery

The tissues and facial features around your eyes can affect your vision. If problems like excess eyelid skin or drooping eyelids are worsening your vision, our certified oculoplastic surgeons can perform reconstructive surgery to improve your eyesight and related facial conditions.

Optical Services

Once you get your prescription, you need corrective lenses that are customized to you. Our optometrists can help fit you for the right glasses and contact lenses, including designer frames and sunglasses.

Let’s See What Our Patients Have To Say

Michigan Eye Institute
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Mary PickettMary Pickett
19:21 20 Mar 23
Everyone at MEI has always been very nice. I didn't have a long wait. Dr Gary Keoleian has been great. Explains everything answers any questions. He always takes his time. I would recommend MEI to everyone
Ollie WhiteOllie White
17:47 19 Jan 23
I highly recommend MEI to everyone. I have an pleasant experience every time I go. The Doctors and Staff are very professional and caring. There bedside manner is exceptional along with Extraordinary Care for their patients. I applaud you all. I'm definitely telling everyone I know. You guys ROCK!!! Thank you so much ❤️
Katrina LucasKatrina Lucas
19:23 04 Nov 22
One of the best professional offices I’ve been to. The staff are professional, timely, and friendly. Dr Mahalak certainly leads by example. He is personable and thorough, takes time with patients, answers questions, and still manages to get you in-and-out in a reasonable time.
Tomari KTomari K
12:51 18 Oct 22
Dr Mahalak is probably the best doctor I’ve ever had. He’s so kind and attentive. He really cares for his patients and takes the time to explain things. I never felt rushed or as if my questions were a nuisance. I highly recommend MEI! Thank you for a great experience with my PRK surgery.
19:09 20 Jul 22
I had several bad experiences at SVS in Flint and decided to try Michigan Eye Institute to get examined by a Dr. It was a good thing my wife and I did, turned out our previous prescriptions were wrong.There is a lot of handicap parking on the side of the building and they treat customers with care. The person who asked questions about my eyes and asked other questions was Amanda. She was extremely nice to both my wife and I which made the experience go by quicker to me. I was taken to the Drs office and was seen by Dr Culven. I was nervous at first, always am when it comes to my eyes, but he was extremely courteous, knowledgeable and helpful.He did a diabetes test on my eyes with bright light for a while. Since I have sensory processing disorder, it hurt. He understood and was patient with me so I could have a break. I wish they would have given me some sort of protection for my eyes when I left though. It was an extremely bright day and I had one eye closed with having to squint from the open eye to drive home. It’s something I’m used to with my disorder, but I just wanted to make sure Michigan Eye Institute was aware of this for anyone in the future.The dr made me aware that if I chose not to have bifocals that I would have to take my glasses off to read. I was aware and he was really great about not pushing this matter like multiple eye places have in the past. After I got my prescription and glasses, they were so different, I can now read better with them on. Thank you MEI!!!I also saw Dr Coulter as did my wife. She was a wonderful Dr and listened to the issues I was concerned with and double checked my prescription.Overall this was the best experience I’ve ever had at a Dr of any kind and especially an eye Dr. The Drs changed my life with how much better I can see now. I can’t recommend MEI enough.I also wanted to add that I brought my mother-in-law here years ago for Lasik Surgery and she had just as a fantastic of an experience. In fact she was the person who recommended MEI to my wife and I.

See an Ophthalmologist in Rochester, MI

Why Choose Michigan Eye Institute?

Our mission is to provide accessible, patient-centered care. That’s why we provide a full range of services to meet all your vision needs and partner with local physicians to serve as many people as possible.

Our ophthalmologists and optometrists have extensive experience and training in treating a wide variety of eye diseases like cataracts and glaucoma and performing leading vision correction procedures like LASIK.


What Does an Ophthalmologist Do?

Ophthalmologists specialize in advanced eye care and treatments for clear vision and healthy eyes. Optometrists often refer patients to ophthalmologists for specialized medical advice, surgery, medications, and more. 

At MEI, our ophthalmologists are highly skilled in performing common procedures like LASIK and cataract surgery, as well as treating conditions of the cornea, retina, and more.

What Does an Optometrist Do?

Optometrists specialize in optometry, which primarily involves examining the eye and testing vision. They can diagnose, treat, and write prescriptions to help patients manage eye conditions. They can also help you track existing conditions like dry eye and cataracts.

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Our Eye Doctors in Rochester, MI

Dr. Jennifer Risting


Comprehensive Eye Care, Dry Eye Specialist

Dr. Mamaril


Comprehensive Eye Care, Primary Care Optometry

Dr. johnson


Comprehensive Eye Care, Primary Care Optometry, Scleral Lens Care, Dry Eye Care