Prescription Reading Glasses: Why They’re So Much Better than OTC Glasses

Racks and racks of reading glasses can be found everywhere from a truck stop diner to a dollar store. But trust us, there’s much more to buying reading glasses than meets the eye. Prescription reading glasses provide you with added value in the long run when it comes to your comfort, the health of your eyes, and the reliability of the glasses.

Honestly, there’s really no comparison.

6 Reasons Why Getting Prescription Reading Glasses is Way Better

1. It starts with a thorough eye exam — and that’s a good thing.

When an ophthalmologist or optometrist examines your eyes, it’s about more than determining how to correct your vision. The eye doctor will also identify possible problems such as glaucoma, astigmatism, and cataracts.

Additionally, the requirements for your reading glasses may change over time, so seeing an eye doctor ensures that you get the right strength.

2. Those over-the-counter glasses don’t address those issues.

If you do have other vision problems, only an eye doctor can help you address those issues. Those store-bought glasses won’t do a single thing for them.

3. Prescription reading glasses are almost guaranteed to be of an immensely higher quality.

Store-bought reading glasses may have blemishes in the lenses, and the handles may not be as sturdy. OTC glasses also will not contain special features that you can add at the optometrist’s office, such as scratch-proofing.

4. You want glasses that work with your look.

A larger variety of glasses is available at the eye doctor’s office, including a selection of designer glasses. As a result, you are more likely to find a pair that matches the shape your face perfectly.

5. You have two eyes, and so does the person next to you.

Over-the-counter glasses only have one power, but most patients’ eyes are different. With prescription reading glasses, each side will be customized for each eye’s needs.

6. You can’t get bifocal lenses at the store.

If you have both farsighted and nearsighted vision, you will likely need bifocals. Only an eye doctor can prescribe a solution that addresses both issues.

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