3 Tips To Make Wearing Glasses Cool in Michigan

Fear of Wearing Glasses: Tips for Michigan Parents


Finding out a child needs glasses can be overwhelming and surprising for both parents and children. With 75% of American adults wearing some sort of corrective lenses, many children need assistance as well. Following the steps below can help parents ease a child’s fears about wearing glasses and ensure a positive transition to the new routine.


1. Stay positive.

Even though the knowledge of a child needing corrective lenses can be emotional for parents, keeping negativity under control helps a child view the transition positively. A child mimics what is modeled. Reassurance in facial expressions and tone transfer those same sentiments to the child. Parents should be sure the child is out of earshot when sharing the news with other adults.

In addition, extolling the benefits of corrected vision and affirming the new physical appearance plants confidence within the child.

2. Identify role models.

Helping a child identify role models who wear corrective lenses normalizes the experience. From favorite sports players, family members, teachers, and other community leaders, parents can point out just how many adults wear glasses. Filling the environment at home with books and movies containing characters who wear glasses helps the child identify with others who are familiar, respected, and loved.

3. Allow the child to choose.

Gone are the days of bulky, uniform glasses for children. Children’s eyewear today presents a myriad of choices for personalization. With options in color, shape, material, and design, a child can choose unique and fashionable lenses. Although the child did not choose glasses, modern choices in eyewear give him or her ownership of the process.

A child often follows the example of the adults around him or her in both small and large life events. As parents positively embrace the newly prescribed corrective lenses, the child will often follow suit.


Contact the professionals at the Michigan Eye Institute today and let them join with your family to ease a child’s fears about wearing glasses and offer their expertise in choosing the right lenses and fit for your child.

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