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Headaches and Eye Pain: Learn How and Why They Are Related

Whether you experience frequent or occasional headaches, you may not realize that your eyes could actually be the cause. You may have even suffered a headache that affected your vision, which is a common phenomenon during migraines. But why? Let’s explore the relationship between headaches and eye pain, what eye conditions could be causing your headaches, and what you can

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Random Facts about Eyes You Might Want to Know

For those of you who think you know your eyes pretty well, how many times did you blink while reading this question? Go ahead and read it again if you need to. We’ll wait. … OK, we’ll give you an easier one. What are your tears made of? You’re not sure about that one either? Well, no worries. You’ll see

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Decoding Your Eyeglass Prescription: What Exactly Are You Seeing?

“Is the image blacker and sharper on number one … or number two; one … or two; one … or two?” Fifteen minutes of grilling have passed, and you have walked out of your eye doctor’s office with a prescription for eyeglasses. It is certainly more legible, in most cases, than whatever it is that a physician scribbles on their

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Convergence Insufficiency: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

If you wear eyeglasses or contact lenses for farsightedness and then remove them, can you see? We know you can’t see long distances, but can you read a book? Can you play a game on your phone? See the time on your watch? Technically, it should be “close enough” for you to see, but you notice something strange happening that

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3 Tips To Make Wearing Glasses Cool in Michigan

Fear of Wearing Glasses: Tips for Michigan Parents   Finding out a child needs glasses can be overwhelming and surprising for both parents and children. With 75% of American adults wearing some sort of corrective lenses, many children need assistance as well. Following the steps below can help parents ease a child’s fears about wearing glasses and ensure a positive

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