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When Do I Need Cataract Surgery?

When is the right time for cataract surgery? It’s a question many patients have.  Most individuals will develop cataracts—the clouding of your eye’s natural lens—with age. However, the question of when you need cataract surgery may vary.  There’s no set time anyone should get cataract surgery, nor does having cataracts mean you need to undergo eye surgery right away. Some

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LASEK vs. LASIK: What’s the Difference?

Wondering if there’s a difference between LASIK vs LASEK? The answer is yes.  Like many others, you’re probably all too familiar with LASIK eye surgery, the industry’s most common laser eye surgery. But what is LASEK? And is it the better solution for your vision needs? Michigan Eye Institute is here to help you decipher the two.  Though both procedures

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Does Caffeine Affect Your Eyesight in Michigan?

Can Caffeine Affect Your Eyes Caffeine—it’s what many of us start our mornings off with and, for many more, how we recharge our afternoons. Caffeinated beverages are a delicious way of boosting your energy and stimulating the brain so that you’re awake, alert, and ready to seize the day. But can they be bad for your eyes?  To some extent,

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Common Questions Patients Ask About Their Eyes

The experts at MEI have answers for you! Maintaining good eye health enables you to perform daily activities to the best of your ability. But it takes practice and knowing the right vision questions to ask. So, where do you start?  Turning to Google can be daunting: hundreds of different answers to your common vision questions can leave you confused

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