When it comes to LASIK, age plays a role. That’s because your eye prescription frequently changes throughout the early years of your life. Therefore, undergoing a procedure when your eyes have not fully stabilized is counterintuitive.

If you’re wondering about the best age to get LASIK, this guide by the Michigan Eye Institute is here to help.

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What Is the Minimum Age for LASIK?

The minimum age for a person to receive LASIK is 18. However, it is very uncommon for anyone at this young of age to undergo a LASIK procedure because they will likely need to have an enhancement later on in their life.

What Is the Best Age for LASIK?

The best age for a person to receive a LASIK procedure is between the ages of 25-40 years old. Most people have a relatively stable eye prescription by 25, so they will not have to worry about receiving an enhancement procedure.

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LASIK Eligibility for Patients Over 40

Is LASIK Worth It Over 40?

Many people wonder if it’s worth getting LASIK past the age of 40. Doctors agree that it is not only safe but also just as beneficial as receiving LASIK at a younger age.

That said, those 40 and over are more likely to need another LASIK procedure later in life, due to eye conditions that may develop with age. This may include cataracts, presbyopia, or glaucoma.

How Long Does LASIK Last?

LASIK provides permanent results that are unlikely to ever change. However, some people may need enhancement surgery down the line if their vision changes or if they develop any other eye issues. Many people will also eventually need reading glasses due to age-related changes.

What Disqualifies You From Getting LASIK?

While most people are qualified to receive a LASIK procedure, certain factors may disqualify a person from the surgery. This is usually due to medical conditions like autoimmune diseases, diabetes, and immunodeficiencies. Even certain medications like steroids could disqualify someone from LASIK. That’s because all of these conditions could prevent proper healing following the procedure.

If you are someone with blindness in one eye or have macular degeneration or rheumatoid arthritis, you may also not be qualified to receive LASIK.

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