Is Swimming Pool Chlorine Bad for Your Eyes?

Jumping into swimming pools is definitely one of the highlights of summertime in Michigan, but some people tend to shy away from doing so because the chlorine in the pool “burns their eyes.”

But is there any truth to that? How does chlorine affect your eyes?

Here’s how it all goes in a nutshell.


Chlorine Keeps the Pool Clean

Chlorine does have some positive purposes inside of a swimming pool. One of them is that it kills harmful bacteria that would otherwise make swimmers sick. It’s a fantastic sanitation product that a public swimming pool must have in it for legal reasons.


Chlorine Can Cause Eye Issues

Because of the harsh nature of chlorine, it can cause some disturbance and eye irritation. Red eyes, swelling, burning, and itching are just some of the symptoms that chlorine exposure can cause in a swimmer. In the worst cases, chlorine exposure could cause a full-blown eye infection. You can take some steps to avoid these painful and uncomfortable side effects, however.


You Can Try to Avoid Exposure

Many swimmers wear goggles to protect their eyes from harm when they go swimming. Therefore, it may not be a bad idea for you to invest in a pair. They’re relatively inexpensive, and the right pair can undoubtedly keep water out of your eyes.

Another thing you can do to prevent the chlorine from getting into your eyes is close them when you go under the water.

You don’t have to deprive yourself of swimming experiences. A few adjustments can make a huge difference and keep you safe.

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