Most people have heard of LASIK vision correction and know that it’s a relatively simple 10-minute procedure that allows for qualified individuals to regain their 20/20 vision for far distances. Now, a procedure to correct close-up vision is gaining popularity. It’s called corneal inlay surgery.

The best part? Michigan Eye Institute is officially offering the Raindrop Near Vision Inlay procedure. We are now taking appointments!

If you’re tired of the same old on-off-on-off routine of reading glasses and are ready for improved near and intermediate vision, this procedure may be for you. A small transparent, curved disk (similar to a soft contact) made of about 80 percent water, is placed just below the surface of the eye. After this 10-minute procedure, patients saw the following improvements:

  • Within one week, 5 lines of vision improvement on an eye chart
  • 98% of patients could read a newspaper again
  • 88% could read fine print
  • 76% of people could read an email on screen

To get more information about Raindrop Near Vision Inlay surgery, set up an appointment with a Michigan Eye Institute doctor by clicking here.



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