The constant on-off routine with reading glasses can hinder your day-to-day activities. You know what we mean; you receive a text message and on the go, then you take them off to resume your work but replace them to read notes jotted on your notepad, only to take them off again immediately afterward.  This process can get tiring. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the eye doctors at Michigan Eye Institute now offer a simple solution: a 10-minute near-vision correction surgery utilizing Raindrop Near Vision Inlays.

Raindrop eye surgery


Raindrop is a small, transparent disc called an inlay. It’s made of approximately 80% water and from similar material to a soft prescription contact lens. This long-term, LASIK-like solution improves near and intermediate vision by simply reshaping the front part of the eye, helping to regain your near vision within one week.



  • On average, patients saw an improvement of 5 lines of near vision on an eye chart within one week of surgery.
  • 98% could read a newspaper again.
  • 88% could read fine print or equivalent.
  • 76% of people could read an email on screen.


As we age, vision naturally declines (the condition is called Presbyopia) and it becomes harder to focus, causing us to hold reading material from an arm’s length away. If you’re finding it increasingly more difficult to read fine print, corneal inlay surgery may be the treatment option for you.



For more information about Raindrop Near Vision Inlay surgery, optical services, or any other comprehensive vision services Michigan Eye Institute offers, send us a message today.






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