Look Cool and Protect Your Eyes with Sunglasses

The kiosks at the mall are so enticing.  Two pairs of sunglasses for $20. But are these shades worth a look?

Sunglasses are designed to protect your eyes from sun damage.  The most important thing when purchasing a pair of sunglasses is to see if they protect against UV rays.  You might say, “Well that’s the point of shades, right?”  Not always.  Some sunglasses may be purely fashion accessories and not meant to protect our eyes.  When you’re looking for that perfect pair, make sure they have a tag that says they protect against UVA and UVB rays 100%.

Polarized lenses are another important feature, as they block glare.  Light that bounces off objects, such as the water, snow, windows, even another car, can become polarized if it vibrates at a specific angle.  Polarized lenses are mounted at the right angle to block this reflected light.

What about the style and size of the glasses?  The bigger the lenses, the better.  Your eyes dilate when wearing sunglasses.  If you have a smaller frame and lenses on, the UV light can get in at the edges and enter your dilated eyes, defeating the whole reason you’re wearing sunglasses.  Make sure you pick out a frame with ample coverage.

Have fun with the lenses.  The tinting can be any number of colors, combination of colors, and even mirrored.  There isn’t one color or one shade that protects better than another.  Darker isn’t necessarily better at protecting against UV rays.  It has everything to do with whether the glasses have UV protection.

It’s important to protect your sunglasses in a case, pouch, or in a spot they won’t get scratched.  Scratches won’t harm your vision, but they can tire your eyes out as you try to look through defective lenses. Some of the more expensive glasses come with scratch-resistant lenses.  You’ll also want to keep your lenses like new because the UV protection never expires.  If you do pick a pricey pair, you can use them for years and they’ll still keep you protected.

The big difference between the $20 pair and the prescription sunglasses are the material they’re made of.  The less expensive sunglasses are made with a lower quality plastic, giving you distorted vision or making them more susceptible to scratches or chips.  For the best vision possible, opt for prescription quality even if there’s no prescription.

It’s important to take these things under consideration when shopping for your new shades.  Your eyes are incredible windows to the world. Keep them protected and healthy through regular eye exams.  Contact us for an appointment or to try out our designer sunglasses.

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