Three Types Of Tears: Why Crying is Good For You

Crying is an emotional reaction and release that actually has many benefits. We cry because of sad, unforeseen events, or a roller coaster of a movie. Shoot we even cry when we are happy! Did you know that we have three different types of tears?

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Emotional Tears

  • A good sob has been proven to release toxins in the body caused from stress which lowers our cortisol level. Cortisol regulates metabolism and blood sugar levels, among other things.
  • As you may have experienced, crying also allows us to let go of negative feelings. That sense of relief when we are done? Yeah, that’s what we mean.
  • Here’s a big one: Crying lowers blood pressure and reduces pulse rate, which reduces the risk of having a stroke.
  • Finally, there’s the manganese connection. When manganese levels get too high, we are subject to anxiety, fatigue and mood swings.


Basal Tears

  • We always have this type of tears covering our eyes, as our precious givers of sight must always remain wet and healthy. Otherwise, the eye would dry out since it is constantly exposed to the open air. That’s why we blink – it’s a constant reapplication of moisture keeping our eyes nourished.
  • Basal tears actually have antibiotic proteins to help prevent bacteria which is just waiting to attach itself to your eye.
  • They are also a lubricant keeping your eyelids from scratching and damaging your cornea.


Reflex Tears

  • Reflex tears protect your eyes due to foreign stimulus such as onions, dust, and pepper spray.
  • Now that we know why onions, etcetera, make your eyes “water,” the next time you get an unwanted reaction caused by something of this nature, gently bathe your eyes with warm water. It should take care of the problem fairly quickly.


Crying is not always a bad thing. It is simply your body’s way of dealing with a specific situation. Keeping your eyes healthy is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself. Contact us to keep your eyes in tip top shape.


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