Pediatric Eye Exams

Children’s eye exams are essential because vision is a crucial part of how they begin to learn and develop.

Statistics show that on average, one out of four school-age children has a vision impairment. Most children should have their first comprehensive eye exam before they enter first grade (usually around five or six years old). If your child needs glasses, he or she should come in for a pediatric eye exam every year to update the prescription.

As mentioned, children’s eye exams are important for their performance in school. According to the American Optometric Association, nearly 80% of learning is visual. If your child is seeing, he or she is learning. If not, and if your child has a vision impairment, he or she may not be able to learn as quickly or as much. Being able to see near and far are necessary in the classroom, and focusing skills require good vision as well. Good vision is also crucial for hand-eye coordination for any sports or activities in which your child may be interested.

If your child complains of headaches, sits too close to the TV, or holds a book too close, these may be signs that he or she is having trouble seeing. Frequent eye rubbing and sensitivity to light can also be warning signs, and your child would most likely benefit from an eye exam.

The doctors at Michigan Eye Institute will be more than happy to examine your child to make sure their eyes are optimized for such a crucial time in their development. You can make an appointment with one of our pediatric vision specialists.

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