Technological Advancements in Eye Care Offer Additional Treatment Options

New health and technological innovations are constantly changing the kind of care provided to people with vision problems. From surgical procedures to eye exams, there is always a new instrument or test being unveiled regularly. The following are some of the latest technological advancements in eye care that have been introduced for use by ophthalmologists.

  • LASIK: You have probably heard of LASIK procedure already as it was introduced a while back. But are you aware that the procedure can be used to reshape your cornea? The cornea is often reshaped to alter your eye’s focusing power.

  • Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty: Rather than use the traditional eye drops to assist in lowering the intraocular pressure, a patient suffering from glaucoma can now be treated by any of these treatment options. All these are front-line treatments guaranteed to deliver top-notch results.

  • Wavefront Analysis: It is a technology used to measure how your eye focuses light. Once measured, it creates a map that is then used by the ophthalmologist in diagnosing your eye problems. The technology can be used to determine the kind of eye prescription that should be handed to you.

  • Diode or Argon Laser: They are lasers used when your retina has been torn. Your ophthalmologist will use the laser to scan your retina, forcing it to bond with its underlying tissues. This then ensures that your retina does not become detached any further.

These new eye care technologies are exciting, as they present new and improved eye treatment options. Communicate with your local Michigan eye doctor to learn about the options available for your condition.

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