Top 6 Tips on Maintaining Sharp Eyesight

First, you’ll notice letters slightly blending into each other as you’re trying to read the paper. Thankfully after a few seconds, your eyes adjust and reading becomes easier. Then, that problem slowly turns into holding the paper a little farther away because the words appear a little clearer at a distance. And before you know it, you can’t thread a needle, reading is impossible without glasses, and you’re wondering what happened to that 20/20 vision you had your whole life. Ah, the deterioration of eyesight.

There’s just no way around it – we all get older, and with age, certain aspects of the body regress. However, with modern optical advances, many of these visual changes can be improved upon with surgery (ask us during your next visit!) If you’re looking for some day-to-day tips that can maintain your healthy vision before old age, here’s what we’ve compiled for you:

  1. Eat fish twice a week. Salmon especially is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, which have been problem to reduce the risk of dry-eye. If you can’t do fish, try supplements.
  2. Always wear googles. As tempting as it might be to open your eyes underwater, don’t do it. Chlorine and water debris can cause corneal abrasions, putting unnecessary strain and age on your eyes.
  3. Throw in red onions. This is a strange one, but red onions (as oppose to white or yellow) contain more “quercetin” which is an antioxidant that may protect against cataracts. Unfortunately, by the age of 65, over 90 percent of people have developed some form of cataract in their eyes.
  4. Remove eye makeup. Be consistent about it, too. This prevents small pieces of make-up from winding up in your eye and scratching your cornea.
  5. Block the sun. The sun is the biggest culprit to eye damage. Look for sunglasses that protect you from both UVA and UVB light, labeled “UV 400.”
  6. Rest your eyes from the screen. With more and more time being spent in front of the digital screen, make sure you’re stopping to rest your eyes every so often. This may mean closing them for a minute or looking away at something in the distance.

As always, your Michigan Eye Institute doctors encourage you to keep your annual eye appointments. If you’re overdue, give us a call today: (810) 732-7313.

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