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Astigmatism Treatment

Astigmatism is a common vision condition that affects many people around the world. It occurs when the cornea or lens of the eye is not perfectly round, causing blurred or distorted vision. In this blog post, we will explore what causes astigmatism, what it is, and how astigmatism is treated. What Is Astigmatism? Astigmatism is a common vision problem that

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What is a TRULIGN Toric Lens?

With advancements in modern medicine, multiple vision problems can be corrected with one procedure. The TRULIGN Toric Intraocular Lens specifically can address astigmatism, presbyopia, and cataracts at the same time. So what is a TRULIGN Toric Lens, and how does it work? Read on to learn more. What is a TRULIGN Toric Lens? TRULIGN Toric is a brand of a

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