What Will Our Eyes Be Like in 100 Years?

With the recent major advances in eyecare, it’s hard not to wonder what our vision may look like in another 100 years. Now, surgeries such as laser vision correction and corneal inlay enhances can literally correct near-sighted and far-sighted vision enough to completely eliminate the need for glasses. This means the sky is the limit for further advances.

Dr. Josef Bille, creator of laser eye surgery, has made the bold claim that there should not be any blind person within just 10 years from now. He went on to explain that new laser therapy is being developed to completely remove cataracts without the needs for incisions.

“Bionic eyes” are also being engineered, which are surgically implanted devices that use antennas and electronics to allow color, resolution, and brightness to be restored to previously damaged retinas. Taking these to the next level could allow for humans to magnify objects at a distance with a simple blink or switch between night vision, thermal, and more. Think Terminator.

In a perfect world, what would be your wish for the future of eye technology evolution?

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