Eye Tips for Staring at a Screen All Day

A lot of us spend time looking at digital screens (phone, computer, etc.) most of the day, which can cause your eyes to be strained. It can even cause some people to develop chronic headaches or nausea. Here are some eye tips the MEI doctors compiled to help you take care of your vision and prevent eye fatigue:
Exercise your eyes – Blinking for several minutes at a time, closing your eyes, and then rotating your eyeballs both counterclockwise and clockwise can be beneficial in reducing strain.

Take moment to look at distant objects – After staring at your screen for long periods, take a break by alternating your focal points between near and far objects either in the office or outside.

Make sure you have good posture – Having good posture is not only beneficial for your body structure but for your eyes as well as it helps you maintain a good distance from the screen.

Lighting – Make sure the room lighting is suitable to your eyes, as it can effect your retina, leading to weak eyesight or even blindness. Also, make sure your computer monitor’s color, contrast, and brightness is adjusted to where it is most comfortable.

Anti-reflective coating – Anti-reflective coating on the computer screen or your glasses helps prevent eye discomfort and can work to balance your vision between both bright and dim light.


If you’re worried that your screen time may be affecting your vision negatively, schedule an eye appointment with an Michigan Eye Institute doctor today: (810) 732-7313.

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