Laser Cataract Surgery

laser cataract treatments

Since the introduction of leading laser technology, Michigan Eye Institute’s ophthalmologists have advanced their capability to increase patient safety and accuracy of cataract treatment procedures. By leveraging innovative medical tools and steadily raising the standards of our continuous improvement model, our surgical team has been able to seamlessly integrate the precision of femtosecond laser technology, exemplifying the surgical expertise, experience and knowledge of our refractive cataract surgeons.

What does this mean to you? Trust and confidence. Our eye doctors have the skill to consistently deliver exceptional results by perfectly tailoring intraocular lens implants to the unique visual goals of our patients.  Unlike traditional cataract surgery in which a surgeon creates incisions using hand-held metal or diamond blades, Michigan Eye Institute offers computer-guided femtosecond laser technology. Laser technology consistently ensures maximum precision, accuracy, and exquisite reproducibility for safe removal of the cataract and precise placement of intraocular lens implants.