Sports Eye Injury Month

Football season has kicked off, and that means a greater risk for an eye injury. From baseball to basketball and every sport in between, athletes have many things to protect, but one of the easiest measures of injury prevention is ensuring the safety of your eyes. Let our eye doctors at the Michigan Eye Institute help keep your eyes safe for whatever life throws at you.

For athletes, injuries are inevitable, especially in children. The wear and tear that wreaks havoc on a body requires constant attention, but protecting your eyes every day is an easy decision. The optical services available at our Michigan locations can keep you informed and prepared — from comprehensive eye care to specialty optical services like corrective lenses.

We want you to be your best, so with September being Sports Eye Injury Month, we remind you how vital it is to take care of your eyes. This goes beyond the right lenses, though. Our eyes are vulnerable to ultraviolet radiation, and having prescription lenses equipped with UV protection will go a long way in preserving your eyes’ health for years to come.

Many of us take our eyesight for granted, but without our eyes, daily tasks become difficult or impossible. LASIK eye surgery and vision correction procedures can repair many things, but Michigan patients should be acting proactively when it comes to basic eye protection. For athletes in any sport, that means wearing the proper corrective lenses fitted with impact-resistant properties.

Equally important to lens choice and UV protection, is wearing the right eye glasses frames. At the Michigan Eye Institute, we offer various frames designed for higher impact sports. Even the cushions that keep your frames on the bridge of your nose can be critical to preventing injuries near or in the eye. Our eye specialists can guide you through the process of choosing the right eye protection for whatever sport you may be playing.

Whether you are an adult taking part in a weekly sports group, or a parent dropping your kid off for their soccer practice, eye safety is of paramount importance. Our children’s optometrist can provide guidance for what is the best fit for your child, and the eye specialists at our Michigan locations can equip you with your own impact-resistant prescription lenses. We offer patients various lens options, including Trivex and polycarbonate, and many of our designer frames will give you the comfort and functionality that you need. Call us to schedule an appointment today: (810) 732-7313.


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