Lasik_WavefrontIndustry leading technology, such as wavefront-guided, wavefront-optimized, and topography-guided excimer lasers, enable our surgeons to treat a patient according to the uniqueness of their entire optical system, not just their eyeglass prescription. These technologies provide near perfect measurement of the eye’s entire optical system, as well as its front surface. With laser accuracy, our highly-skilled surgeons are able to pinpoint imperfections within the eye’s optical system for increased accuracy and patient safety during surgery.

Custom laser vision correction reduces the chance of undesirable visual effects that can be experienced with conventional laser vision correction such as nighttime halos and glare. Michigan Eye Institute believes that by addressing both a patient’s eyeglass prescription and higher-order aberrations using wavefront technology, laser vision correction has the greatest potential of helping patients see with higher fidelity than can be achieved with spectacles or contact lenses.