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Don't let your Flex Spending dollars go to waste


Laser Eye Surgery:

A simple solution

We see you want to know more about laser eye surgery and may be wondering if it’s right for you.

This is the answer in a nutshell: It most likely is, and you will love the results! In fact, once it’s all said and done, you will wonder why you didn’t do it much sooner.

Still, here are some basic facts that we hope will inspire you to finally take that first step, one that could ultimately lead to an improvement in your overall quality of life.

HOW IT WORKS in Four Easy Steps

ONE: Give your contacts the old heave-ho

We’ll recommend that you don’t use contacts for a couple weeks before the procedure. And naturally, you won’t have to use them after the surgery either. So you can start with kissing your contacts goodbye.

TWO: We reshape your eye

Don’t worry. You’ll still have the same beautiful face you’ve always had. We simply change the shape of the cornea, the clear covering of the front of the eye, with a gentle laser. You can compare the process to removing all the dirt and grime off your windshield.

THREE: We'll have you out in no time

“Wow, that was quick!” … We hear that nearly every day, but it still makes us smile. The procedure itself only lasts a few minutes and is painless. You probably won’t have many symptoms at all – maybe just a bit of mild irritation, watery eyes, and light sensitivity for a few hours. But most of our patients say the procedure was so worth it!

FOUR: You'll get to spend the rest of the day snoozin'

We’ll recommend that you keep your eyes closed for most of the day. So plan to cuddle up in your warm, cozy bed and catch up on your beauty sleep. You don’t mind, right?

OTHER THINGS We Should Tell You

It’s laser eye surgery

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not all “LASIK.” There are a few other procedures that you can have completed to make you less dependent on glasses and contacts. We won’t get into all the technical details here, but feel free to ask us to break it down for you.

The bad news: You won’t have to miss that much work

Don’t go telling your boss you need to take a month off for the procedure. She’ll probably call you out on that little lie. It’s common knowledge that you may be able to return to a relatively normal routine the day after laser eye surgery, but you should be as good as new by the third day.

We’ll get to know your eyes better than you do

Patients are thoroughly evaluated prior to the procedure, so we’ll know every detail about your eyes by the time we’re done. Some of the reasons why you might not be a good candidate for the surgery include having very thin corneas or having extreme or uncontrolled diabetes, glaucoma, a weakened immune system, or dry eye. However, advancements in eye care are made regularly, so if you were unable to get laser eye surgery in the past, give it another shot. A lot might have changed since that time, so ask us if any recent developments in eye care make a difference in your prognosis.

You should find the best in the business

Choose the best eye doctors in Michigan to perform your surgery, as doing so will give you additional peace of mind when you need it most. Our Michigan Eye Institute surgeons have years of experience and are among the most highly-trained and respected in the eye care industry. We have five convenient locations located in Flint, Fenton, Lapeer, Grand Blanc, and Oxford.

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