Our eyes are one of the most important, and vulnerable, organs. Of all the ways we keep ourselves safe, wearing the proper protection at work cannot be forgotten. Physical labor occupations (such as railroad, steelwork, or construction) are often a focus, but sports and activities at home are also high injury areas.

Home projects are especially dangerous because we feel safe in our own homes, and often forget that protecting our eyes is still necessary. Before you start your table saw or bash away at a wall, research the equipment you’ll be using, and ensure that you (or any loved ones in the area) are properly protected against flying debris.

  • Wear puncture-resistant safety eyewear
  • Understand the equipment you are working with, and take steps to reduce possible accidents
  • Sports athletes should wear appropriate high-impact lenses and additional face-protection equipment, particular those working with high-velocity objects
  • Ensure your sunglasses are equipped with ultraviolet (UV) protection. Your eyes are not immune from sunburn and other damaging effects from the sun’s glare. For those who live in high-altitude areas that receive an early snowfall, this is especially important as the glare from a fresh snow can cause temporary and permanent blindness.

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