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At Michigan Eye Institute, we strive to provide you with the highest quality eye care - while offering the largest selection of high quality eyewear in the area. It is our way of making sure you receive the ultimate eye care experience. Visit Michigan Eye Institute and see the best!

Cataract Surgery and Lasik Flint, MI. Cataract Surgery and Lasik Flint, Fenton, Grand Blanc, Oxford and Lapeer, MI.
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"I didn't begin wearing glasses until my mid twenties but probably needed them sooner, never wanted to "bother" with contacts so I always just put up with the glasses. Finally 20 years later, I'd had enough. Contacts seemed like a lot of work and did not offer much more freedom than glasses for may of my interests (i.e. water related) so I decided to pursue Lasik. I have been with MEI for well over 10 years and was not interested in traveling to Timbuktu to price shop improving something as critical as my vision. So while I can't comment on "price" I CAN comment on value. The Team at MEI was very professional, helpful, and positive in my consultation and surgery. While there was some self imposed general anxiety in the weeks and days leading up to the procedure, there was never once a question of the team's capability. Thanks MEI for my new found clarity!!"
- DB, LASIK Patient

Gary M. Keoleian, M.D. Gary M. Keoleian, M.D.
Dr. Gary M. Keoleian specializes in vision correcting, refractive cataract surgery and glaucoma. Dr. Keoleian graduated with highest distinction from ...read more