Cataract Surgery_TRULIGN ToricBring the world into focus by expanding your range of vision. The TRULIGNTM Toric IOL simultaneously treats cataracts, presbyopia, and astigmatism.  After the procedure, patients are generally able to clearly read their computer, see their car dashboard, and view objects across a room, relying only upon low power reading glasses for reading small print.

During the procedure, your surgeon will replace the natural lens with the TRULIGNTM Toric IOL, restoring clear vision.  Like the Crystalens® Aspheric Optic, the TrulignTM Toric IOL mimics the movement of the eye, dynamically adjusting to the unique needs of every patient.


  • Uncorrected Distance Vision 97.8% 20/40
  • 99.2% No significant Visual disturbances
  • 100% of light 100% of the time

For more information visit the TUILIGNTM Toric IOL website.

Is this solution for me?

To get more information about the TURLIGNTM Toric IOL send us a message. One of our associates will contact you to set up an appointment with a Michigan Eye Institute doctor.