Cataract Surgery_PresbyopiaIn the past, the primary refractive goal of cataract surgery was to help restore a patient’s distance vision.   Patients with presbyopia, the natural, age-related blurring of near vision, would still require assistance from spectacle lenses to help see things up close.

Because of significant advancements in lens implant technology, patients now have the option to treat their cataracts and presbyopia simultaneously by choosing an advanced intraocular lens (IOL). Advanced IOLs allow patients to see up-close and see clearly in the distance with little to no dependence on spectacle lenses.

Types of Presbyopia-Correcting Intraocular Lenses

Examples of Presbyopia-Correcting IOLs:

Michigan Eye Institute offers the latest IOL technology to address the unique visual needs of our patients. Whether you have astigmatism or presbyopia, we match the latest IOL technology that best meets your visual needs and goals to deliver the highest quality visual result to assist your activities of daily living.

Additional Information

Presbyopia correcting lenses are considered a “premium” IOL choice. Medicare and most health care plans will not cover extra costs associated with advanced IOL technology as they are considered a luxury and not a medical necessity. Your Michigan Eye Institute ophthalmologist or optometrist will carefully walk you through the decision making process to ensure which presbyopia-correcting IOL is right for you.

Is this solution for me?

To get more information about presbyopia-correcting IOLs, send us a message. One of our associates will contact you to set up an appointment with a Michigan Eye Institute doctor.