Cataract Surgery_LENSTARBefore an IOL is selected for a patient, Michigan Eye Institute surgery staff conducts extensive measurements using advanced optical measuring software, including LenStar®. LenStar® measurement software allows our team of doctors to fully evaluate the patient’s eye, ensuring the correct IOL power is chosen for each patient.

The LenStar® system measures corneal thickness, anterior chamber depth, lens thickness, axial length, keratometry, white-to-white distance, pupil diameter, eccentricity of the visual axis and retinal thickness at the point of fixation.

What to Expect


  • “Gold Standard” measurement of axis and astigmatism.
  • 32 measurement point pattern ensure precision providing more data.

LenStar® is optimized for speed and to ensure maximum patient comfort. During the test, 5 scans on both eyes are performed in 3 minutes or less. Patient blinking and loss of fixation is detected by the software and only the best measurements are used for analysis.

Is this solution for me?

To get more information about LENSTAR, send us a message. One of our associates will contact you to set up an appointment with a Michigan Eye Institute doctor.