Cataract Surgery_Corneal TopographyMichigan Eye Institute provides corneal topography testing for our patients, enabling our doctors to create a map of the surface curvature of a patient’s cornea. This map contains detailed, visual descriptions of the shape and power of the cornea. This is important because it provides our ophthalmologists and optometrists with the added advantage of accurately assessing the fine details of a patient’s corneal surface prior to cataract surgery and laser vision correction. Patients generally undergo this test when being fitted for contacts or pre-operative testing.

What to Expect

Used to evaluate

  • Corneal diseases
  • Corneal deformities
  • Irregular astigmatism
  • Preoperative cataract surgery and laser vision correction corneal shape.

To create the corneal map, Michigan Eye Institute utilizes a computer that is linked to a lighted bowl containing a pattern of rings. During the test, patients are seated in front of the bowl with their head pressed against a bar while data points are being collected and generated. These data points are then digitized and used to create a printout of the corneal shape.  Corneal topography is a brief, non-contact and painless test.

Is this solution for me?

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