Monthly Archives: June, 2018

Fish Oil: A Promising Eye Health Ally

Sight is a very precious gift and most people will go to the ends of the Earth and will try every gimmick to maintain or improve their vision. There are countless devices and “medicines” designed with the intent of supporting eye health. The preponderance of those treatments is pure hokum and have absolutely no merit…. read more

Is Swimming Pool Chlorine Bad for Your Eyes?

Jumping into swimming pools is definitely one of the highlights of summertime in Michigan, but some people tend to shy away from doing so because the chlorine in the pool “burns their eyes.” But is there any truth to that? How does chlorine affect your eyes? Here’s how it all goes in a nutshell.  … read more

Temporary False Eyelashes: The Good, The Bad, and The Pretty

In this day and age, bigger is better. Fake eyelashes, often known to the makeup world as “falsies,” are all the rage right now. The process to apply false eyelashes is simple albeit tedious: you apply eyelash adhesive to the edge and glue them down as close to your natural lash line as possible. Once… read more