Monthly Archives: September, 2017

Dry Eyes, Allergies, and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction

Fall is rapidly approaching… and some days it has felt as if it’s already here! With a new season around the corner, the leaves will be changing colors and falling. For many people, autumn can cause an increase in allergy symptoms, including dry eyes and irritation. At the Michigan Eye Institute, our eye doctors help keep… read more

Sports Eye Injury Month

Football season has kicked off, and that means a greater risk for an eye injury. From baseball to basketball and every sport in between, athletes have many things to protect, but one of the easiest measures of injury prevention is ensuring the safety of your eyes. Let our eye doctors at the Michigan Eye Institute… read more

 “Lazy Eye” Red Flags and Treatment

You have probably heard of the “lazy eye” condition or have known of someone who has had it, as its one of the most common visual impairments among children. “Lazy eye,” or amblyopia, affects approximately 3 out of every 100 children. Parents know by now to treat it immediately, but when left ignored, it’s a… read more